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The East Cape Lostmen

was designed by serious anglers, and the layout of compartments accommodates all your needs for storage. This side console model allows you to move around the boat with ease to battle your catch. This skiff is a fishing machine, equipped with the right tools to get the job done. Our 2010 Skiff, East Cape Lostmen, can comfortably accommodate up to three anglers. This Skiff which is in a class of its own with a length of 18.1 feet and a width of 72 inches, the stability is unmatched in a skiff this size and will draft in only 4-6 inches of water- we will be safely navigating through the shallowest of waters to get you to the deeper sloughs and drop offs where the fish are.

The  East Cape Lostmen is Captain’s Justin Price Primary tool to go after wary fish in the mosquito lagoon. With a swift and silent push towards the action this boats allows even the novice of casters to be positioned at a reachable distance.